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I Read My Daughter’s Letter

Walking past my daughter’s room, I saw a letter sitting on on her desk. 

That little voice inside of me – the one all mothers have – whispered to me, “You should read that letter. Your daughter needs you.” 

I pushed it aside. Privacy – especially my daughter’s – is very important to me. 

Turning around, I started down the hall again. “Go back and read it.” my gut told me again. 

I went back into her room, sat down and started reading. What I read shook me to the core. It was a letter to one of her teachers… and it contained a confession of having a serious eating disorder. I had no idea. 

As a life coach, I wasn’t supposed to have these kinds of things happen. My life and family were supposed to be perfect because I had everything put together and helped all my clients put their lives together.

(I did have some of those thoughts… even though I knew it is not true!) 

Later that day, picked up my daughter from school. I said, “How about we go out to lunch and talk?” 

“No, Mom! I’m not really hungry and I have homework to do.” 

Taking a deep breath, I turned to look at her, “I read that letter you wrote your teacher. I know what you’re struggling with.” 

We sat in the car and cried together.

I Was Prepared

But, I didn’t freak out. 

I didn’t condemn her. 

I didn’t scold her. 

Yes, I felt sad for her… but inside I felt peace. 

I knew that I was prepared to guide her through a very hard time with patience  and wisdom and love. 

In a moment of deep insight, I realized that all of my training as a life coach was really about helping my daughter. 

Yes, I’ve helped hundreds of others – including top executives, business owners, top-players in the network marketing industry and more – but at the core, God led me down the path of being a Life Coach my to prepare me to be a support and blessing to my family… especially my daughter at this time. 

My Mission: Help You Grow

Today, my mission is to help You identify what Success looks like for you and to help you Create the Life you want.

I am here to acknowledge the success you’ve already created… and then help you unblock whatever is stopping you from reaching that next level of success in you life.  

I believe that you are of great worth. 

You are loved. 

You are powerful. 

You have something very special to accomplish on this Earth, and you have what it takes to heal and to realize the desires of your heart. 

Hi my name is Marcie McGee, and I am your Life Success Coach! I’ve always strived to live a life of excellence. 

When a friend told me that his company was selecting individuals to train as high-performance coaches, I embarked on what would be my ultimate dream job. 

This career path ignited a passion for learning powerful tools that can enlighten and transform us. 

This included acquiring a second life-coach certification through Brooke Castillo’s “The Life Coach School.” 

Four years into this journey, as I went through my own intense pain, as all of us do, I felt a deep gratitude for the tools that prepared me to meet my challenges with hope and purpose.

You are not broken. You are worthy. You are enough!

Let’s get started!

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