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Feeling Lost and Awkward?

Do you feel like you don’t quite fit in, even if you seem popular?  You’re not alone. Many teens and young adults experience a deep sense of awkwardness, anxiety, and pressure to figure out their future.  I get it. Because I was THAT kid too.

Here’s what you’re probably tired of:

  • Feeling like you don’t belong, even when surrounded by people.
  • Anxiety about the future and making the “right” decisions.
  • Pressure from everyone (including yourself) to have it all figured out.
  • Self-doubt and harsh self-judgment holding you back from your dreams.
  • Struggling to process emotions and feeling like a burden.

Imagine this instead:

    • Feeling comfortable in your own skin, even if you’re a little quirky.
    • Expressing yourself freely and attracting genuine connections.
    • Making confident decisions about your future with a clear vision.
    • Developing healthy coping mechanisms to manage stress and anxiety.
    • Feeling loved, accepted, and supported for exactly who you are.

Hi, I’m Marcie, and I’m a coach who celebrates awkward!  In fact, I believe it’s a superpower waiting to be unleashed.  The Confident Launchpad is a 6-month, 1:1 coaching container designed to help you transform your awkwardness into confidence, clarity, and the tools to navigate your future with ease.

The Confident Launchpad will help you…

01. Unlock Your Confidence

The Confident Launchpad will equip you with the tools and strategies to build unshakeable confidence.  You’ll learn to silence self-doubt, embrace your unique strengths, and step into the world with courage and self-belief.

02.  Rewrite Your Narrative

Leave behind limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.  The Confident Launchpad empowers you to reframe your story, focusing on your strengths, resilience, and the incredible things you have to offer.

03. Boldly Enter Your Future

No more feeling lost or unsure.  The Confident Launchpad equips you with the tools and clarity to navigate your future with confidence, excitement, and a clear vision for your goals.

04. Master Your Emotions

Learn healthy ways to process your emotions.  No more feeling overwhelmed or controlled by negative feelings.  The Confident Launchpad equips you with tools to express yourself authentically and navigate emotional challenges with confidence.

05. Find Calm in the Chaos

Feeling anxious or overwhelmed in social situations can hold you back from connecting with others and fully embracing your experiences. We will regulate your nervous system, helping you manage those uncomfortable feelings of social anxiety.

06. Celebrate Your Wins

Success is a journey, not a destination. I’ll help you build the habit of recognizing and celebrating your achievements, big and small. You’ll gain momentum in  boosting your motivation, which will help you on track towards your goals.

For Parents: Is The Confident Launchpad worth investing in?

Investing in your teen or young adult’s confidence NOW can save you a lot of stress (and money!) down the road.  Empowered young adults make better decisions, navigate challenges with ease, and build fulfilling lives. Plus, you might just find yourself feeling a little jealous of their newfound confidence (wink, wink).

Still unsure? Here’s what sets The Confident Launchpad apart: 

A coach who gets it. I specialize in working with teens and young adults, creating a safe and supportive space for them to thrive.

Focus on the whole person. We go beyond academics, exploring your teen’s unique strengths, values, and passions.

Long-lasting results. Your young one will learn practical tools and strategies to manage emotions, build confidence, and navigate life’s challenges with grace.

Ready to launch your teen or young adult into a future filled with confidence and possibility? Let’s chat and see if The Confident Launchpad is the perfect fit for them!

Is Your Teen or Young Adult Ready to Launch?


The Confident Launchpad is designed to empower teens and young adults who are ready to launch into their futures with confidence.  This program is ideal for those who are on a journey of self-discovery,  uncovering their unique strengths and potential.  Feeling lost or unsure about college, careers, and the big decisions ahead? The Confident Launchpad can help navigate these uncertainties.

Do self-doubt and negative self-talk hold your teen or young adult back?  The program equips them with tools to quiet those inner voices and build self-confidence.  Social situations can be tricky, and The Confident Launchpad helps young people navigate them with greater ease.  Perhaps they worry about fitting in or feel overwhelmed by emotions  –  The Launchpad provides a safe space to explore these challenges and develop healthy coping mechanisms. 

However, The Confident Launchpad isn’t for everyone.  It’s most effective for those actively seeking change and willing to put in the effort.  If your teen or young adult is experiencing a serious mental health crisis, professional therapy is the best course of action.  Finally, this program is geared towards growth and transformation.  If your teen or young adult already feels like they have it all figured out, The Confident Launchpad might not be the best fit.

Ready to see your teen or young adult launch into a confident and fulfilling future? Let’s chat and see if The Confident Launchpad is the perfect fit for them!


Ready to See Real Results?


Curious about the impact of The Confident Launchpad? Click the button below to read success stories from past participants.  These testimonials showcase the transformations young adults have experienced, gaining confidence, navigating challenges, and building a brighter future.

Who teaches The Confident Launchpad?


Hey there! I’m Marcie McGee, a dedicated Coach for Parents and Emerging Adults. I love being an Entrepreneur, Wife, and loving Mom of 3 young adults. I also feel so blessed to have a daughter-in-law and son-in-law, a grand baby, and 2 grand-puppies. 

I’ve become very resilient and confident. It’s not that I don’t have doubts and fears – it’s that I continue to answer the doubts that come up in a way that serves me well.

My journey took a profound turn when I ventured into high-performance coaching, collaborating with diverse individuals like CEOs, stay-at-home moms, and more, all seeking personal and professional growth.

As parenting and life threw challenges my way, I became even more grateful for the transformative tools I had gained.

Today, my purpose is clear: to help parents, teens, and young adults stop silently suffering and unlock their confidence to create lives that they love. 

Why am I the best fit to work with you and/or your kid?

  • I am a Trauma-Informed Coach
  • I am a  Master Certified Coach
  • I have an Advanced Certification in the Nervous System
  • I grew up with a lot of anxiety (and have experienced my own transformation)
  • I am a parent of 3 young adult children (and have worked through many challenges in the process)
  • I have first-hand experience using these tools in my personal life
  • I have worked with hundreds of parents, teens and young adults since 2018

I offer a unique blend of expertise, empathy, and real-world application. 

Let’s chat and see if The Confident Launchpad is the right fit for your emerging adult!


When does The Confident Launchpad begin?


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