What Others Say About Marcie

Dax H

“Marcie is the most friendly, happy, and encouraging person I’ve ever met and has helped me tremendously in every way. Marcie has not only helped me with the confidence to believe in myself but has also brought me happiness and joy knowing that I’ll always have a friend and she will always have my back. She’s even made me love myself and feel better when I was sad. She’s always been there for me in times of stresses or hardships and helped me take new outlooks on those things and helped me find relief. She has helped me become a more outgoing person and has helped me not worry about others’ opinions about me. I’ve even started to make new friends and create better relationships with my family and loved ones. She’s the best person you’ll ever meet and that you’ll ever talk to. I’ll never forget her and what she’s done for me.”
– Dax H

I cannot thank Marcie enough for the shift that she
helped my husband make.
-Karyn H

“I can honestly say that being coached, for the last two years, has been the most pivotal decision I’ve ever made. I don’t hesitate when I make that statement because working with Marcie has impacted every single facet of my life. I would have never been capable of making the steps necessary to get to where I am today without her work. I tell people all the time, it’s like together we were able to accelerate my growth, and in doing so, put me in a space that may have taken three or four times as long to achieve. When I hired Marcie I was looking to grow my business. Because her work starts with who I am, everyone in my life got an upgrade right alongside me. I’m not just a better business owner, I now love the way I parent, feel equipped in my relationships, I know how to build boundaries, I have built consistent habits, I allow myself to feel my feelings, and I love my decisions. The one thing that stands out about Marcie is that she doesn’t help you build trust in her work, she uses her work to help you build trust with yourself, and that is truly the power of being coached by Marcie.” – Holly N

Holly N

Everyone should have her as a life coach! I have learned so much!  I’m so excited to keep learning from her!
-Carol H

Eliot W

“There are a lot of people out there who are ‘coaches’ and so I was a bit skeptical when looking for another coach. I am so glad I came across Marcie and for her support and help. She stands out in her knowledge, care, and experience. I looked forward to meeting with her every week and the help she provided me. I always felt safe and was with a friend who truly cared about me, my life, and my success. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone considering coaching.” – Eliot W

I knew if I didn’t ask for help, my life would look and feel completely different today. My perspective on a lot in life has changed for the better.
-Kailah G

“Hiring Marcie to be my coach is one of the 3 BEST things I have ever done for myself in my life! After my 22 year long marriage ended and recently marrying the love of my life, Marcie has helped navigate my journey by teaching me the skills to change my thoughts, and ultimately create my results to live the life that I choose! She has taught me how to show up as my best self and to have an abundant and create amazing business results… She has taught me to believe in myself and to know my worth. She taught me that I had a successful first marriage because of my 4 beautiful children and now how to create success in my new marriage in ways I never thought possible! I feel forever indebted to Marcie for giving me the tools to live my happiest, best life! I LOVE YOU MARCIE MCGEE! Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you more in the future!!” – Cindy E


Working with Marcie has been life changing… I’ve seen it pour into all areas of my life…
relationships, career, time, money, parenting, emotions, spirituality…

-Amanda B

Scott K

“A couple years before I started working with Marcie my family experienced a jolting and life-altering event. While that event alone may have been enough to stop someone in their tracks, it came at a time when I was already feeling defeated as a result of what I considered missteps in my personal and business matters. I was in need of help outside of what I was able to do on my own. This is when I reached out to Marcie and, wow, I wish I had done it sooner. She trained me to re-frame my thinking and perspective of the past, present, and future and for the first time in many years, I am now at peace about all three. I do not typically reach out for help, and had It not been for that life-altering event, I am not sure I would have. Now, six months later, I am glad I reached out. Coaching with Marcie was the catalyst for change in my life I did not know I was needed.” – Scott K

Marcie is amazing to work with, the best investment
you can make is in yourself.
-Renee R

“I recently completed my first packing of coaching sessions with Marcie and all I can say is WOW! As a middle-aged male who admittedly was a bit hesitant to explore ‘myself’, I was blown away at how comfortable she made me feel. At no time did I ever feel bad for being me and her ability to teach and truly inspire personal development was amazing. I felt respected, listened to, and never judged for saying or feeling certain things. I am beyond grateful for the growth that I have experienced, the mental clarity and confidence that was buried and the true belief that “part of me is healing”. Words truly cannot describe how amazing Marcie is and how her approach makes one feel about themselves. Thank you a thousand times over.”– Russ H

Russ H